Pro Electronics Service and Repair  

Professional Box-Eng Lens  
Fujinon - Canon - Rokinon - Angenieux

Repair: Out of focus, back focus, impact, Sand, Sea Salt, Fungus

Pro. Camera & Audio Deck 
 Repair & Service Sony - Panasonc - JVC

Professional Studio and Broadcast Cameras, Digital Cinema Cameras Camcorders, PTZ and Remote

Red-Arri-Black Magic
 Service & Repair

Red says to throw away your camera when the camera breaks down, Dont

Pro Monitor - Terminal  
Repair & Service

Sony Panasonic Blackmagic Design JVC Panasonic TVLogic

B&o  Authorized Service Center

Whether B & O was made in the 1940s or is still under warranty, we can help TV Service 

Reel To Reel &  Receiver Repairs

Our Technicians have 30 expericance repairing vintage Reel To Reel units. 

Projectors  Service & Repair

Proper professional projector cleaning usually solves most repair issue...

Audio Repairs: Mcintosh Cary Marantz

You have tried others for unit repaires, we can fix your system properly, 35 years in repair business.


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